Fun With Magic

If you like magic, it's even better when you can do it!

Magic is a great ice breaker and can be used to entertain adults and children alike.

Use your Fun With Magic skills in the house, at the office, or while traveling.

This eight-week course will introduce you to many kinds of magic.

We use a variety of items, including:

    cards, coins, ropes, silks, common household items, and some classics of magic (e.g., "cups and balls").
Although the course is designed for the beginner, we try to accomodate repeating students with new, more advanced material for them.

Teachers: Stan Sieler, John Brittain, Gene Magpayo, and others.

(Photo of teacher, circa 1872)

The course is part of the Fremont Union High School District's Adult Community Education program, and is usally offered every quarter. (See note at end of this page about online registration.)
FUHSD ACE charges a registration fee of about $70 (it varies from quarter to quarter). A materials fee of $15 is payable to the instructor at the first class.

The current course catalog is ... well, there doesn't seem to be an online one any more. You can email Peggy Raun-Linde (principal), here, or Liz Ambra (vice-principal), here, if you want to comment about that.

A signup link that might work is:

Past students have included doctors, lawyers, judges, computer programmers, grandparents, high school students, police officers, military personnel, company presidents, secretaries, electricians, teachers, retirees, and more ... anyone can learn magic!

Class dates: (projected; note: the school system is on the 'quarter system', so there are, yes, five quarters :)


If you have questions, please email Stan.

Registration Fee (to school system): $70.00; and $15 materials fee (paid at first class).


Yahoo! map to school

For more information, email Stan Sieler (

(Sometimes of use: the ACE/FUHSD class number is probably 204247.)

The class has an invitation-only Facebook group page: here.

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    Online registration for "Fun With Magic" at ACE/FUHSD...

    The school system hasn't made it easy to find the class ... the basic method is to do the following steps:

    The following direct link to that final page may still work:

    The and email addresses have been disabled because of spammers. To contact us, please email Stan Sieler (email address above, near the middle of the page).

    Super Jumbo playing cards

    On 2015-04-03, I bought two brands of "super jumbo" (8x11) cards from ... they're reviewed below.

    The TL;DR version: both are fine, but the first deck below is slightly better, slightly larger, and a little less expensive.

    If you'd prefer ordinary Bicycle cards, check out the box price at the end of this page.

    Stan Sieler (,

    "Kovot Super Jumbo Playing Cards (Humongous 8-1/4" x 11-3/4" Cards)", $12.99

    Great cards for stage magic use.

    The cards are a bit flimsy (the deck is about 1.5 times the thickness of a standard deck of Bicycle cards), but otherwise are fine.

    The joker design is cartoonish, but the rest of the cards are standard. The two jokers differ only in the color of the word "Joker" (red on one, black on the other).

    The card have red/white backs (not visible on the box, but visible in some photos on Amazon). At first glance, the backs are not one-way, but very close scrutiny of one deck shows a subtle differentiation near the center graphic ... likely not visible from more than two feet away.

    The box is flimsy, and will not last long without reinforcement.

    "Mega Jumbo Face Extra Large Playing Cards- 11" X 8" Big Full Deck", $14.99

    These cards are a just a slight bit below the Kovot cards in quality ... when you look at the side of the deck, you see more cardboard. The cards are a bit smaller, at 11"x8". The deck of 54 cards is about 1.5 times the thickness of a standard deck of Bicycle cards.

    The joker design is cartoonish, but the rest of the cards are standard. The two jokers are the same artwork, but differ in that one is colored in and the other is just the black lines. Both jokers are holding the "3 of Hearts", so you could use this as a reveal/prediction.

    The card have red/white backs (the back of the box shows the backs of the cards, the front of the box is the King of Hearts). The backs are one-way, somewhat subtly. The 8-pointed star in each of the four corners has a variation in the shading of two branches of the star ... this can indicate if the card has been reversed.

    The box is flimsy, and will not last long without reinforcement.

    This is a box of 12 decks of Bicycle playing cards ... at about $1.60 per deck!

    Updated: 2018-02-12